January 26, 2016
Oh, it's a sad, sad day in the Davies house. The clock that I've had on my bedside table since I was ten years old broke. Well. That's a rather euphemistic way to say that I clumsily knocked the clock to the ground (I was reaching for a book! Oh, the irony!), causing the plastic cube to crack and the clock's guts to literally spill out on the floor. It was the very definition of tragedy.

This clock might be the oldest thing I've ever owned continuously. When I was ten, my favorite color was lime green. I had a lime green beanbag chair, a lime green bedspread, and this lime green clock. And if I'd had my way, I would have had lime green patterned wallpaper. I had it all picked out. It was the Seventies. Such things were possible. (I was outvoted by both my mother and sister, with whom I shared a bedroom. We ended up with the same wallpaper, but in sunshine yellow. Phooey!)

Anyway, back to the disaster at hand. Despite the fact that the clock split open on the floor and some strange, brown, crumbly stuff spilled out, the clock is still running. There seems to be a sign in this, don't you think? I'm thinking of supergluing the cracked plastic to see if I can Humpty-Dumpty it all back together again. I'll keep you posted. Meanwhile, it's kind of cool to look at the inside of a clock. Particularly one that refuses to die. Also, the whole event did cause me to think about time passing, particularly related to the manuscript I'm working on, which has a time slip element in the plot and which is OVERDUE. I'm on a very tight deadline that I'm determined to meet, so time is heavily on my mind. Just sayin'. Things happen for a reason.

January 10, 2016
Hey, Happy New Year!

I've been meaning to post this fun, fun video of the extraordinarily talented kids at Mt. Pleasant Elementary School in Livingston, New Jersey. I visited their school, and they put together this great cheer to welcome me. Aren't they coordinated?? I could not keep up—and I tried! Well, thanks for putting this together, kids. I watch it every time I need a smile.



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