November 1, 2015
It's always nice to start a new month off with a particularly uplifting post, and this one COUNTS. I got an email from a teen blogger named Jessica, who does all kinds of interesting and worthwhile things, but in particular, she is trying to get books into the hands of kids in homeless shelters in time for the holidays that start to roll around this time of year. (Really, I'm in favor of giving homeless kids books—and food and clothing and a place to live—all year long, but this is a particularly nice time to give, so let's go with the flow.) Jessica started a GoFundMe campaign called Operation Every Child. She's already reached her modest goal of $1,000 to buy books for homeless kids this holiday season, but why stop there? So additional funds will go to spreading the program to more homeless shelters. And if you're an author out there (hey, you!) then why don't you send a few copies of your latest book to Jessica so she can get them into the hands of a kid who might just need a good story to make it through a tough day. You can reach Jessica at I'm already gathering a pile to send to her now.


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