October 30, 2015
A quick "yahoo!" to my friend Linda Booth Sweeney, whose new book, WHEN THE WIND BLOWS, was recently published by G.P. Putnam's. The exciting story follows the adventures of a family that heads outdoors on a particularly blustery day. The text is simple enough for little ones, but rich and evocative enough to keep older readers on the edges of their seats. After all, there's a lot going on when the wind blows, and this book doesn't miss a thing: "Windows rattle. / Doors creeaaak. / Chimes sing. / We peek." It's a terrific read-aloud. And even though the characters venture out into the wild, it's an awfully nice book to curl up with on a comfy couch when the wind is howling outside and you feel like staying snug indoors.


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