April 23, 2015
Um...I guess April kind of got away from me. This is embarrassing. After returning from my trip, there were so many things to take care of. Like reacquainting myself with my kids. And removing the twenty-three pounds of dog hair that had accumulated on the floors of my house. And still dealing with the snow.

And then I had some wonderful school visits in Connecticut, Massachusetts, and New Hampshire. (Hi, kids, at Frenchtown Elementary, Daniels Farm, Middlebrook, Sanborn, and Rye Elementary!) And then my daughter left for France (exciting!) and I decided to take myself on a 10-day writing retreat—right here in my own house.

Really, it's the best place to write, and it doesn't cost anything. But I'm serious when I say I've been "on retreat." I wake up every morning, eat my bowl of cereal and read the New York Times, and then get right to work. Usually fourteen straight hours with just a two-hour break to exercise. (Love my treadmill!) No vacuuming, no walking the dog (sorry to my dog, Harley), no cooking dinner (sorry to my son, Henry), no answering emails (sorry to everyone). And no apologies! It has been wonderful sinking deep into my current work in progress, a complicated but riveting (at least to me) story of a young boy who travels back in time to learn where he belongs. I've been thinking and dreaming of this book for years, and it is such a joy and luxury (and challenge) to be able to devote every waking minute to it. At least until my daughter returns from France on Sunday. C'est la vie! 

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