December 7, 2014
As you may know, today is the 73rd anniversary of the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor that drew the United States into World War II. It's a solemn day, and it commemorates an important part of our history as a country. World War II was a transformative war in many ways. It ushered in the age of the atomic bomb, which had profound effects not only on the geopolitical structure of the world but also on our individual psyches in terms of our sense of security and permanence. My book WHERE THE GROUND MEETS THE SKY is a historical novel for students in grades 4–7 set in Los Alamos, New Mexico, which is where the atomic bomb was developed. It provides young readers with a window into that time and the urgency of the work that ended the war and helped shape the world we live in now. It also raises some pretty tough questions about the value of life and the damages of war. The book won a whole bunch of awards, and I often get letters from readers telling me how much they like the main character Hazel and her fun-loving, daring friend Eleanor.

December is also traditionally the season of giving, and so I'm giving away classroom sets of WHERE THE GROUND MEETS THE SKY. If your school or your homeschool group would like to receive a set of the books (new, hardcover), just send me an email telling me a little bit about your school and how you might use the books in your classroom. I'll be happy to send you a set of books, and I hope this book will spark many excellent conversations about war and peace and humanity—which continue to be such important topics for young people to think about in the twenty-first century. And please pass this link along to others who might like to share this book with their students.


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