Illustrated by Kyrsten Brooker






Ready for bed, a little girl lingers listening to the sounds of the night...

Hear the hissing,
Soft as kissing,
From the radiator grate.
Hear the chiming
Of the hall clock striking eight.

This gracefully illustrated lullaby evokes that comfy-cozy time of night when sleep is still a blink away. Delightful and soothing, this book is a perfect addition to any bedtime ritual.

"This perfect bedtime read captures the sounds of a creaky old house in the country as well as the noises outside."—School Library Journal

"The repetition in the opening passage produces an almost hypnotic effect, gently coaxing readers off to dreamland...The soothing verse comes full circle, offering just a hint of a world that is still at work even while we rest."—Publishers Weekly

"Kids who harbor bedtime anxieties will gain courage from the notion of a night filled with friendly, serenading presences."—Booklist

"Gratifying and readable night after night."—Kirkus


















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